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Jason B

Jason Ballard, Youth Alpha Series.


Dec. 1, 7:30 pm – Jason Ballard “Stop. Look. Listen” -Matthew 9

Dec. 3, 9:45 am – Jason Ballard @ Sunday Worship Service “Joining God in Transforming Lives” –Mark 2

The message of Jesus is the answer to humanity’s deepest need. God invites us to participate in his mission to heal hearts and restore lives.




+ Complementing Adult Sunday School  to VCEFC’s Annual Missions Conference

Nov 12, 11:30 am  Seeking the Peace of the City

-Jake Tucker, Grandview Calvary Baptist Church Missional stories of rootedness (Jer. 29:5) in the Grandview-Woodlands neighborhood


Nov 19, 11:30 am The Qur’an: How the World’s Most Controversial Scripture Helps Us Understand Our Muslim Neighbors 

Mark Anderson, author of IVP book The Qur’an in Context ; blogging regularly at


Nov 26, 11:30 am   A Radical Response to Refugees

-James Grunau, Journey Home Community.

We will examine the Scriptures, review refugee issues, share some stories, and discuss how we can be involved.


Dec 3, 11:30 am    Impacting Your World

– Jason Ballard, Alpha Canada.

What steps can I take today to begin to impact my world with God’s love and power?


Dec 10, 11:30 am  The World of the Downtown Eastside

Jonathan Ng, Servants Canada

First, exploring the history and demographics of the DTES in order to
better grasp the issues the neighbourhood faces: poverty, mental health & addiction, homelessness, the fentanyl crisis, and the over-representation of First Nations peoples. Next:  examples of some best practices for these issues, with an emphasis on helping without robbing people of their dignity. Finally, we will tie all this into what it might mean for missions nowadays, both on a local and global scale.