On June 7th, at 10:45 am, we will begin a new Sunday School semester online. This course will be on “Christian Worship – Theology and Practice”. The class will be a combination of video lectures, live teachings and discussions through the zoom platform.

Teacher: Hansel Wang ( Marva Dawn

Time: Every Sunday (June 7 to August 30) @ 10:45 am

Zoom link to the class:

Course description:
To most evangelical Christians, the practice of worship of God on Sunday is a matter of subjective “enjoyment” of the attendees on elements of worship such as music, and sermon, etc. Even though worship is central to their faith, few believers actually learn the “what is” and the “how to” of worship from biblical standpoint. They either worship in the ways of the traditions in which they are spiritually born or pick and choose the forms that are most appealing to their experience.

But what does it mean by (and the purpose of) worshipping God? The purpose of this course is to enable the believers to understand the biblical foundation on Christian worship upon which the church can formulate its practice. First, it begins by looking into the way in which the person and work of Jesus Christ fulfilled Yahweh’s prescription of the ancient cult for the Israelites so that they could approach and worship him and, thus, its theological implications on Christian worship. The second part on the practice of worship is based on Marva Dawn’s lecture series on “Rethinking Worship for the New Millennium (2000s)” In these ten lectures, Professor Dawn discusses the elements of our present post-modern, post-Christian culture which makes the church’s worship necessary and, at the same time, challenging. Consideration is given to what mistakes, theological fallacies, false gods, and ill-advised directions endanger the worship of the church and how to avoid them; and how to craft worship which forms God’s people for their ministries in the world.

Sunday School Class Notes

Course Outlines

Session 1 – Old Testament Teachings on Worship – Exodus and Leviticus

Session 2 – The Sole Priesthood of Christ in Worship

Session 3 Biblical Foundation of Christian Worship

Session 4 Lecture 1 The Culture in Which the Church Worship (Part 1)

Session 5 Lecture 2 The Culture in Which the Church Worship (Part 2)

Session 6 Lecture 3 Wrong Turns, Confusions, and Idolatries (Part 1)

Session 7 Lecture 4 Wrong Turns, Confusions, and Idolatries (Part 2)

Session 8 Lecture 5 Taste versus Root

Session 9 Lecture 6 Taste versus Root (continued)

Session 10 Lecture 7 Development of Christian     WorshipThe General Liturgical Order of the Church Worship

Session 11 Lecture 8 Development of Christian Worship (continued)

Session 12 Lecture 9 Criteria by Which to Sort

Session 13 Lecture 10 Forming a Missional Community through Worship