• Welcome! If you’re new to our online service here, welcome to our church!  If you’re able to stay on in the Zoom meeting after today’s service, we would love to meet you. Also, if you’d like, please email us at hello@vcefc.org so that someone from the care team can reach out to you.
    •  June and Martin To’s wedding was held yesterday (April 23, 2022). May God bless this new family in Christ.
    • Adult (40-60) Fellowship Lunch The Adult fellowship will have their first in person lunch gathering of the year on April 24th at 12:30. It will be a time of connecting with one another, as well as to talk about the fellowship’s future direction. Please RSVP to Stella Lee or Pastor Joe at hello@vcefc.org.
    • The Church Administrator position has been posted in the career section of the church website and with some selected Christian education institutions.
    • News from VCEFC Critical Response Team – Changes to VCEFC Safety Protocols starting April-8.
      • No capacity limits of worship services and meetings at church facilities. Individual ministry teams (e.g. children’s worship, Awana Club, etc.) can still set their own capacity limits as they see fit.
      • No requirement of pre-registration for in-person worship services.
      • No requirement of checking proof of vaccination at all gatherings.
      • No requirement of providing contact information when visiting church.
      • Mask wearing remains mandatory for everyone 5 years or older.
      • Anyone tested positive for Covid-19 or have symptoms of Covid must stay home for 10 days, with no fever and symptoms subsides.
    • CCM’s Youth Employment Program (YEP): This year’s YEP program will be in the form of a 5-week webinar and workshops over 5 Saturdays starting in May… Some topics that will be covered include interviews, resumes, cover letters, networking, and myths about careers. In between the
      5-week webinars, there will be a “Career Exploration”. The “Career Exploration” is an opportunity for participants to ask questions and speak with professionals who have been in their field for 3-5 years.  Participants are welcome to register for the 5-week webinars and/or the “Career Exploration”.
      Register at https://event.ccmcanada.org/yep2022/
    • For ministries, fellowships and small groups to have meetings in Church, please inform the office by email at least one week ahead to book rooms. Room availability can be checked in our website. Please click “Room Booking” under “Contact Us” in the main menu.
    • New Sunday School Classes offered in March – May 2022
      1. The Epistle to the Ephesians– with Hansel Wang
      The Epistle to the Ephesians, the “crown of Pauline writings,” soars the height to contemplate the mystery and the goal of salvation that the Father achieves through the Son. Ephesians has been esteemed as significant as the Psalms, the Gospel of John, and Romans in shaping the life and thought of Christians. Its influence on Christian liturgy (worship) and piety of the Church are profound.
      This course, grounded in biblical interpretation, explores the key themes of the Epistle which include God’s saving purposes from election to his summing up of all things in Christ; the exalted Christ and believers’ relationship to him; God’s victory in Christ over all powers; the grant presentation of the Church and its language of worship and prayer; and the scope and depth of its ethical teaching, etc. Ephesians challenges the superficial understanding of the Gospel prevalent in our day steeped in the postmodern mindset. It insists that the truth of God and his Gospel, while demands our personal participation, stands over against all ideas that deny its objective divine reality.
      2. History of Christianity I– with Pastor Christopher
      Christianity is an ancient religion with over two millennia of historical development. For Christians today, knowing our history is nothing short of knowing who we are as the people of God across time. We stand upon the shoulder of theological giants, of pioneers who cleared the way for us in the midst of defining our faith and defending our faith against heresies. From its roots as a small Jewish sect on the eastern borders of the Roman Empire to a global religion that spans every continent, this course explores the period from Christianity’s inception to the Reformation. Have you ever wondered why there are so many diverse denominations which have only proliferated after Reformation and differing expressions of worship, doctrine, practice, and even church architecture? In addition to touching on some of these topics, you’ll get a better grasp of how Christianity ended up with the Bible, and the various conflicts which led to the beliefs we have today such as the Trinity. Explore the formative centuries of Early to Medieval to Reformation.
    • Pastor Wai Mui has scheduled her retirement by the end of the February. However, to allow time for recruiting her replacement, Pastor Wai Mui has graciously accepted the Board’s request to continue, on an interim basis, with her current ministry roles till August 31, 2022, or when the new staff arrives, whichever comes first. This will minimize any ministry disruption during the recruitment process. Please offer your continuous support to Pastor Wai Mui in her ministry among us.
    • 2022 yearly theme is “Rise up and build!” (Nehemiah 2:18).
    • In addition to the regular prayer meetings on Wednesday, we invite you in praying for Mission and Evangelism on the first Wednesday of the month at 7:30 to 8:30pm.
    • The Church Board has resolved to make Monday as a day of rest for all staff due to their ministries during the weekend. The church office is now closed on Mondays. For urgent matters, brothers and sisters are asked to contact the pastoral staff directly. Your cooperation is much appreciated.
    • Community prayer time will resume back to meeting every Wednesday night at 7:30. Join us in praying as a community for our church, our city and the world. https://zoom.us/j/446506289
    • Small groups and Fellowships are available for all ages and life stages, from teens through college, adults and career, all the way to retired seniors. For more information on our various fellowships and small groups please visit our church website under the “Get Connected” section on the menu tab, or email us at hello@vcefc.org .
    • Just a friendly reminder that Journey Fellowship will be having an online gathering this afternoon at 4:30pm for a “5 Step Master Class” basically a show n tell for how to do something neat.
    • Welcome Team for Hong Kong Newcomers has recently been established in order to welcome and show hospitality to both fellow Christians and friends who immigrate or return to Canada from Hong Kong. If you have family or friends who have recently moved to or are planning to move to Vancouver, looking for church or some assistance, please feel free to contact Pastor Job Chan (jobchan@vcefc.org) or Yeda Hong (vcefc.welcome@gmail.com). Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/100847038934841/
    • ONLINE OFFERING: As our church has temporary suspended all gatherings and moved our weekly worship services online during the COVID-19 pandemic, you have the option to give your offering through Interac e-transfer. You can still mail your cheques, or drop off your offering at the church. For further instruction on how to  give online, click here.
    • CONTACT US: We know that this can be a difficult and distressing time for some. If you have any needs, concerns or prayer requests, we want to hear from you.  You can connect with the church through email at admin@vcefc.org or by phone at (604) 254-1242.


  • PRAYER ITEMS: Click Here

    • Please pray that during the application review process that the PSC continues to be sensitive to the guiding of the Holy Spirit.
    • Please also pray for the pastoral candidates themselves as they undergoing the application review process that they continue to receive discernment and encouragement to where God is leading to serve next.
    1. Please email your prayer requests to Pastor Joe (josephyu@vcefc.org) indicating if they are private or to be posted.
    2. Join us every Wednesday night at 7:30 pm to pray as a community for our church, our city and the world. https://zoom.us/j/446506289

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