The Summer Learning as a Community, will run from June 5th until August 28, 2022.

– Every Sunday @11:15am , in-person or on zoom

“Psalms – A Devotional Exposition” 

Teacher: Video Series by Dr. Bruce Waltke of Regent College

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Course Description: 

The book of Psalms has been the prayer book for Christians (and of course the Jews) for over two millenniums. Yet for various reasons, it remains one of the lesser-known books of the Bible among evangelical Christians. In this video lecture series, Dr. Bruce Waltke, one of the founding professors at Regent College, teaches us how to read the Psalms devotionally. He identifies the types of psalms (lament, acknowledgment, praise, etc.) found in the book, explains their rules of interpretation, and shows us how Christ was pre-figured in the Psalms. This course is designed to deepen our understanding of and enrich our practice of prayer in accordance with the Bible.