Revision H

1. Enable church members in church sponsored gatherings can be done in a safe

Guidelines and Rules:
1. This guideline is applicable for church sponsored gatherings at church premises and
other venues.
2. All organized meetings at church of all sizes that are not worship services are
currently suspended.
3. Gatherings at home are limited to one household plus 10 visitors or one other
household. Everyone 12 years or older must be fully vaccinated.
4. People that have higher risk (over the age of 60 or with underlying medical
conditions), be informed of their risk, think through their risk tolerance and take extra
precautions. Consider alternate means of gathering, such as using on-line meeting
5. If anyone is sick they must not meet in person.
6. As per Canadian authorities, anyone returning to Canada is deemed not requiring to
self-quarantine; the person can return to church and resume gathering immediately.
However, if the person has been mandated by the government to self-quarantine for
other reasons (e.g. if they were subject to a random selection test and the results
came back positive, or they have been in close contact with someone who has been
tested positive, or they have symptoms of COVID) then they are required to refrain
from returning to church for 14 days. This will also apply to anyone living in the
same household.
7. For younger people (high school / college age) gatherings, a detailed safety plan of
action must be prepared by pastoral staff / counselor responsible as part of the usual
approval process.
8. All adults (age 19 and older) that lead, supervise, or assist in a program for children
or youth, whether the program takes place inside or outside must be fully vaccinated.
9. Organizer of the gathering must: (a) obtain written confirmation from church office
that space is available if meeting takes place at church premises, (b) keep record of
names and their contact information of all participants for 30 days. This information is
required for contact tracing purposes. If any of the participants fell ill, contact Critical
Response Team (or designate) immediately.

10. Wearing face masks is required for church indoor gatherings for all people age of 5
and older.
11. Everyone must wash their hands with plain soap and water OR an alcohol-based
hand sanitizer (with a minimum of 60% alcohol content), before and after the
gathering. Avoid touching your face.
12. Group communal meals (food or drink) is allowed. Follow previous church guidelines
and policies on food preparation and serving. Volunteers serving food must clean
their hands often and are not sick. High touch surfaces such as serving spoons,
tongs, etc. must be cleaned and disinfected regularly.