Revision F

1. Enable volunteers involved in church sponsored visitations can be done in a safe

Guidelines and Rules:
1. All church sponsored visitations must be pre-approved and arranged by respective
congregation committees / departments. This guideline must be presented to all
volunteers prior to any visitation.
2. All organized meetings at church of all sizes that are not worship services are
suspended until further notice.
3. Gatherings at home are limited to one household plus 10 visitors or one other
household. Everyone 12 years or older must be fully vaccinated.
4. People that have higher risk (over the age of 60 or with underlying medical
conditions), must be informed of their risk, think through their risk tolerance and take
extra precautions. Consider alternate visitation methods, such as using on-line
meeting tool.
5. Congregation committee / department responsible for organizing the visits must keep
a record of the following information: (a) names and contact information of persons
visited, (b) date and time of the visitation. This information will need to be kept for at
least 30 days for contact tracing purposes. If any of the participants fell ill, contact
Critical Response Team (or designate) immediately.
6. Before visitation all volunteers must confirm that everyone (i.e. volunteers themselves
and the people that they are going to visit) does not have any of the following
conditions: (a) symptoms of COVID-19 and other illness, (b) required by government
to self-quarantine due to exposure of COVID-19. This will also apply to anyone living
in the same household.
7. If the volunteers are not living in the same household and required to travel in the
same vehicle, wearing masks is required.
8. Wearing face masks is required during visitations for all people ages 5 and older.
9. Everyone must wash their hands with plain soap and water OR an alcohol-based
hand sanitizer (with a minimum of 60% alcohol content), before and after the
gathering. Avoid touching your face.