As part of an overall risk management response due to the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak, our Church Board on February-2-2020 has adopted the formation of a Critical Response Team (CRT). This team will report to the Church Board, and members of this team have been chosen with the following formula:

  • Pastoral staff representative (1 from CSC and 1 from ESC)
  • Church Board Chair or Board Chair nominated representative (1 person)
  • Medical professional advisor(s) (1 person, 2nd person to be recruited)

The function of this team is to continuously assess the nature and conditions of the situation, to recommend a timely response and feasible resolution, to act as communications liaison with the congregation and the public, where necessary.

The situation remains fluid and CRT will continue to provide frequent updates as required. For further enquiries or comments, please contact our Church Board Chair Rich Ng or Nominated representative Herbert Lee.